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Nio's Nest – Townhouse Gaios Paxos


                  Nio’s Nest it’s reborn by the respect of the

    KateriNio’s family.

A townhouse building standing from mid 1500!

Carefully renovated, keeping all the original features Nio’s nest came to a life again after nearly a century of stalemate . Initially consisted from a two bedrooms, kitchen and the cellar or storage, where the family kept barrels of wine and olive oil. After long time of consultation regarding the building itself the family decided to bring it back to life, but this time with the thought of share. So, Nio’s nest  opened her doors to visitors on July of 2022.

Followed the needs of the modern society but keeping the Ionian traditional style as high priority, Nio’s nest, is consistent with one spacious bedroom (double bed or two singles) on the first floor with a unique atmosphere and style, and on the ground floor, from a three piece w.c, well equipped kitchen with stove and fridge/refrigerator, living room and dinning area.

Located in the heart of Gaios, when you step out of the door, you are next to shops, restaurants, bank, coffee shops and bars, boats and other amenities  but most important… to the waterfront! Nio’s nest is a unique place to be! Book now, your experience to the island of Paxos!

For large groups or big companies you can also visit our site Casa Rossa Paxos